Running to Lose Weight

Running to Lose Weight

Running to lose weight has been a popular exercise for many years now. But in order to maximize weight loss, running should be done in different intervals and in different intensities. Running in a regular basis, which is done in a constant speed and distance will allow your body to adapt, making it less difficult to burn more calories and fats. That’s the main reason may runners and dieters feel that they aren’t benefiting from running and has faced a weight loss wall.

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Health Benefits of Running

Running is a good cardio exercise. It can help to maintain normal blood pressure. Running can also increase insulin levels, making it a good exercise for diabetics. Running is also beneficial to the brain, as well as responsible for the release of other hormones needed for the body’s well being.

Running for Weight Loss

 Running to lose weight is a fact. You can even lose 5 pounds quickly.

You just have to be more disciplined in order to lose weight. Follow these Running Tips and you’ll end up losing those unwanted fats fast.

Running Tips to Lose Weight Fast

1.  Start with a Healthy Diet

Healthy diet and healthy eating is the key. Skipping meals means you have no fuel your muscles. Runners have special nutrition needs. Drink lots of water and eat more whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

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2. Follow a Training Schedule

Having a running schedule gives you more motivation to run. It also allows you to keep you on track of your progress as well as preventing you to skip a scheduled running session. A running schedule also prevents one from having a running injury caused by sudden increase in distance or pace. As much as possible, run regularly.

 3. Increase the Running Intensity

 In Running, intensity is the key. Your body might eventually get used to your regular routine, making it harder to burn more fats. Make it more challenging the next time you run. You can do this by increasing the distance or having a faster pace. You can even run uphill or add weights to your legs to make it more challenging. But you should only increase the intensity gradually to prevent running injuries.

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