Running VS Swimming To Lose Weight

Two of the most popular exercises for weight loss are Running and Swimming. There are a lot of reviews and people‚Äôs testimonies about how they lost weight either by swimming or running. But there are a few question remains. Questions like: Does swimming help you lose weight? Does running help you lose weight? What is […]

Does Running Help You Lose Weight?

Running can help you to lose weight. But running does not help you to lose weight fast. Just like most exercises and weight loss diet, running to lose weight needs time. It can not be achieved in just one session in the tread mill or running every morning for a week. For beginners, running for […]

Running to Lose Weight

Running to Lose Weight Running to lose weight has been a popular exercise for many years now. But in order to maximize weight loss, running should be done in different intervals and in different intensities. Running in a regular basis, which is done in a constant speed and distance will allow your body to adapt, […]