Snooki Weight Loss: Secrets, Diet and Exercise

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss secrets remain to be a big story in Hollywood. But in recent weeks, Snooki, the star of the hit series, Jersey Shore, has shared the lime light as she Tweeted her bikini body in her Tweeter account last Christmas.

Snooki weight loss news became big after that. People began to wonder her weight loss secrets, what weight loss diet did she use, any diet pills she’s taking or what kind of weight loss exercise is she currently into.

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Snooki Weight Loss Story

Snooki’s real name is Nicole Polizzi. Snooki is 23 years old and stands only at 4 feet and 9 inches. She has been open in the past about her eating disorders such as having Bulimia and Anorexia.

She used to have problems with her weight but now is enjoying a slim figure and is estimated to be around 98 to 102 pounds.

Snooki Weight Loss Secrets

Snooki admitted that the reason for her weight loss is her new found attitude towards healthy living. She said that instead of going to the bar every night, she went out to Gold’s Gym and do some exercise.

She also regularly attends dance classes such as Zumba.

She also avoids drinking alcohol now a day. Snooki tweeted that Water is her new best friend and if she can’t really avoid drinking alcoholic beverage, she would order clear liquors such as vodka.

Snooki weight loss secrets also include eating right. She loves eating egg whites for breakfast and eats salads and chicken for the rest of the day.

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So if you are still wondering what is Snook’s secret for weight loss it all boils to healthy eating and regular work outs.

But there are always speculations that Snooki is also using Diet pills and Diet Supplements. There are stories that the actress is using the popular weight loss pill and energy enhancer Zantrex 3 but there are no reports yet coming from theJerseyShoreactress that the reports are true.

Zantex-3 is a fat burner type of diet pill. It is a dietary supplement that claims to give you incredible energy and rapid fat loss.

There are a lot more in store for you in the pages of How to Lose 5 Pounds in a Week Fast about Weight Loss Secrets of famousHollywood stars.

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