What are CRASH DIETS for Weight Loss

Crash Diets are a popular method of losing weight fast. Some say that undergoing Crash Diets are not safe, while others say that it is completely safe if done correctly. There are also a lot of variations of Crash Diets, from eliminating carbohydrates and protein to your diet, or it’s the opposite, eating lots of meat as a source of energy.

What are Crash Diets?

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A Crash Diet is a diet that deprives one of proper nourishments, particularly foods that contain high calorie levels. Crash Diets main objective is to lose weight in a short period of time. It has very little difference between Starvation to lose weight.

Crash Diets are usually designed to last for for a couple of weeks. Some studies shows that Crash Diets are not healthy and is not successful in long term weight loss. The weight lost during the Crash Diet can easily gained once one stopped doing his current Crash Diet of choice.

Effects of Crash Diets

Crash Diets can lead to sudden weight loss. This is due to extreme deprivation of nutrients coming from your normal food sources. It is very hard to continue Crash Dieting for months, so those who quit Crash Dieiting will surely gain back their lost pounds after a few weeks.

Crash Diets are also not healthy. There are many side effects of Crash Diets. Common side effects of Crash Diets are impaired immunity, reduced red and white blood cell count, osteoporosis, vital organ failure such as your liver, kidneys and heart, attitude changes.

Rapid weight loss is observed in persons undergoing Crash Diets. But aside from body fat, water and muscle mass are also lost while doing Crash Diets, making it an unhealthy way of losing weight.

How to Lose 5 Pounds in a Week Fast only recommends eating healthy foods and doing regular exercises as a way to lose weight fast, the healthy way. Doing Crash Diets can have its toll on your body. It can cause serious health hazards and only produces temporary results at the cost of your health.

Eat Right and get regular exercise. Getting enough sleep is also good to keep your body healthy. Do not go for extreme diets and Crash Diets. Do some research first if there are new FAD Diets, for they are just another case of a Crash Diet.

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