How to Gain Weight and Build Muscles

Not everyone is blessed with their ideal weight. Many do numerous weight loss programs and diets just to lose weight, while many are finding ways to gain weigh. Yes, there are people who want to gain weight and build muscles.

Here at How to Lose 5 Pounds in a Week Fast, we will dedicate a new Category, called Weight Gain, for those people who want to gain weight, the healthy way. We will give you Weight Gain Tips, Weight Gain Exercises and other updates to keep you in shape.

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There are so many reasons why a person wants to gain weight. Genetics plays a large part for some people, where most of their family members are born with small and thin frames. A high rate of metabolism could also affect the weight of a person, so does the food that he eats, and exercises that he does.

To start up our new category for Weight Gain, we will give you Tips on how to Gain Weight and Build Muscles.

Tips to Weight Gain and to Build Muscles

  • Count the Calories that you eat

To start of your Weight Gain regimen, count the calories that you’re currently getting from a daily basis. This will give you an idea if you are eating to little or is eating the wrong kinds of food.

  • Start eating healthy foods

Eat lots of healthy foods. Avoid chips and sweets. Have a diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. Also have regular meals with lots of protein from lean meats, chicken and fish. Protein is needed for muscle development. Drink milk in the morning and also before bed time.

  • Get some Exercise

Doing exercise helps in shaping and developing your muscles. Combine cardio exercises together with other body building exercises to develop every muscle in your body. Weight lifting is also good in developing lots of muscles groups especially in the arm, legs, thigh, shoulder, and back areas.

  • Monitor you Body Weight

Monitor your body weight in a regular basis. Gaining weight and muscle building takes time and hard work. There are no short cuts for it.

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