Do Laxatives Help You Lose Weight Fast?

There are a lot of stories telling that laxatives can help you lose weight. This is one prime example of ordinary or household things that has been used for other purposes and in this case: fast weight loss. But is there a truth behind laxatives and its use for weigh t loss? What are Laxatives? […]

Bee Pollen Benefits for Weight Loss and Side Effects

What is Bee Pollen? Bee Pollen or Bee Bread is a substance made by worker bees from the pollen of the male stamen of different flowers. It is considered as a Super Food by many experts. Bee Pollen Benefits are so many that it is used for different kinds of illness such as diaper rash, […]

Thermbuterol, Fast Weight Loss: Safe or Scam?

A diet pill Thermbuterol has been in the Health News headlines for a couple of months now. It is said to help people loss weight, fast and safe. But with a wave of mixed reviews, many people are confused whether to buy or not this controversial weight loss pill. What is Thermbuterol? Thermbuterol is a […]

Contrave: Orexigen’s Diet Pill of the Future to Fight Obesity

Contrave is an experimental drug which is on its clinical trial stage, and is supposed to fight obesity and help people to lose weight. The Generic Name of Contrave is Bupropion/naltrexone. Contrave is created by Orexigen Therapeutics Inc., a California based pharmaceutical company. The drug Contrave is composed of two ingredients namely Naltrexone IR or […]

Maqui Berry for Weight Loss and to Fight Obesity

Just like the African Mango, Maqui Berry is an exotic fruit gaining popularity in theUS for the promise of fighting obesity and helping people to lose weight. This fruit has been making some weight loss break through because of its contents that can fight of fat cells plus other health benefits. Maqui berry is a […]