Why am I not Losing Weight?

Many people do regular weight loss but still fail to lose weight. Many stick to so called “Healthy Foods” yet still managed to gain more weight. Many of us wants to lose some those extra body fat by exercising, taking diet pills and such and still end up asking, “Why am I NOT losing weight?”. […]

How to Burn Body Fat Tips

How to burn body fat? This is the most common question being asked by those who want to lose weight. Burning body fat can be easy and fast. There are many ways to burn body fat. The most common method of burning body fat and losing weight is by exercising regularly. Another way of burning […]

How To Burn Body Fat: Myths and Facts

There are a lot of misconceptions on “How to Burn Body Fat?” These misconceptions or myths can lead you to waste both time and money in the hopes of burning body fats fast but to no avail. How to burn body fat is a complex process and needs good information and facts. Here at How […]

Healthy Cucumber Salad for Weight Loss

One of the most sought after cucumber recipe is that of a healthy cucumber salad recipe. A simple but healthy cucumber salad is one that is made out of cucumber, vinegar or cider, onions and sugar. Calories for this cucumber salad are very low, making it on of the best salads for those who want […]

How to Lose Weight After Giving Birth

Ever wonder how Hollywood celebrity moms lose weight fast just weeks after giving birth? The answer to that question is probably a combination of personal trainers, personal chefs, dieticians and nutritionist and diet pills when put together will cost a fortune. Post partum weight loss has been a problem of new moms ever since, and […]